Issues related to human sexuality will be some of the most difficult for the resurgent church to overcome. Catholic guilt over the use of birth control methods has been around for decades, but there is a larger Christian guilt complex related to premarital sex in general. Let’s be honest–we preach abstinence to our children, but we are privately happy if they practice discreet serial monogamy and use birth control methods until they have obtained an education, house, car, etc. In today’s economy this process often lasts until the age of 35 or so. Human biology is not compatible with modern life and the result is a dramatic increase in the use of fertility treatments as women push the edges of the biological clock envelope.

Is it reasonable to ask young women to defer having children until they are in their thirties, and expect young men to remain to abstain during all of the years when their sex drive is the most overpowering? At last a group comes out with a solution–we shall throw away all moral value judgments once and for all! Brilliant! (Sarcasm intended)

It should be obvious that a society without intact families cannot prosper, but what is less obvious is that human males are by nature polygamous and human females hypergamous. In the absence of traditional sexual morality humans are reverting to a more primitive baboon pack form of sexuality in which a smaller number of men mate with most of the women, yet there is little procreation as a result. When unintended pregnancies occur they are aborted, or the state acts a surrogate daddy and provider through the welfare system. (Read Roissy’s blog if you have the stomach for it:

The total lack of tactical and strategic thinking in most of today’s churches is disturbing. The churches preach abstinence because they really don’t want to encourage 17 year olds to marry. (And because Paul stressed abstinence and even went so far as to say that it would be better to abstain from marriage as well. The logical extreme of this Pauline thinking was epitomized by the Shakers who died out from lack of reproduction.)

What would be a better solution? We must recognize that a lack of affordable family formation is the root of the problem. Since we cannot modify the human body so that sexual maturity occurs at age thirty, we must change society or at least the Christian subset of society so that Christians can become sexually active around the age of eighteen or so as part of the marriage sacrament. At least two things must occur to allow this to happen.

1. We must break the back of the college education racket and the staggering student loan debt burden that it places on young people. A college education is not needed for most jobs in today’s economy. College has become a proxy for intelligence, aptitude, and ethics testing because companies are forbidden to test for these qualities. Since we will not dramatically reduce the popularity of university education any time soon, the first steps that churches should take are to strongly admonish young people not to take student loans, and to work their way through school. Christians who are in a position to make hiring decisions should try to hire co-op students who are working their way through school instead of college graduates whenever possible.

2. We must find a way to bring back communities with small, affordable houses without crime and drugs. (Imagine any typical American neighborhood in 1947) This is a difficult challenge because of section eight housing rules, etc. Christians may need to form their own communities once again and patrol them. (History repeats once more. Pilgrims, Mormons, etc.) A visit to the Navajo reservation in Arizona reveals that today’s shepherds carry guns. In ancient times a shepherd carried a rod and staff. Christians need to rediscover what being a good shepherd means and learn to protect their communities.

These two steps are not enough and we need more ideas. How do we make abstinence outside of marriage practical in modern society? Is Christian separatism the right approach?