The title of this blog should perhaps be changed to Tactical Christianity. Our purpose here is to encourage tactical and strategic thinking among Christian men and women. A great reformation or awaking is needed, but this need not be a theological matter. A change in attitude is what is required most to produce a resurgent church. For too many people being a Christian means being a good person. The Church becomes nothing more than a touchy-feely Dudley Doo Right social club. Christ Jesus is the most courageous and intelligent individual to ever set foot on planet earth, yet many portrayals of Christ show him as weak and meek. Today’s Church has been emasculated. The Savior is the ultimate heroic figure who in self sacrificing courage gave his life for all humanity. The only path to salvation is through Christ, but the message of the Christian Church needs to be about more than salvation. Biblical teaching concerns every aspect of every minute of our daily lives. What we eat, how we work, and how we relate to one another are all intended to conform to scriptural teaching. What sells in America? Diet books and books about relationships among other things. Perhaps the saddest commentary about today’s Chistian leaders is the simple fact the Oprah and Dr. Phil ARE the spiritual leaders of America. Christianity needs to be about more than salvation and the Church needs to give people the answers that they seek. Major topics of this blog will be the decline of monogamy and marriage, game, human biodiversity, diet, health, history, and politics. All of these will topics will be discussed from the perspective of a Christian and traditionalist.